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The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World Book Review. Greatest..... Really?

Is it really The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World?

I just finished reading the book, The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World by Carnelian Sage and when I first started reading the book I was going to throw it away.

The first two and half chapters of the book are negative and pretty much do nothing but attack the some of the teachings of the Law of Attraction.

I have to agree that the Law of Attraction is just a very basic level of metaphysics and spirituality. However, most people who are first introduced to the movie, The Secret or any other principles of the law of attraction usually have never considered the fact that they can even choose the thoughts they think.

I think the current ideas of law of attraction and even the movie, The Secret, definitely has its place. I may not completely agree with everything but I can say I LOVE what it is doing. These things are the start of people becoming conscious of their thoughts and focusing on personal and spiritual growth, this alone is worth ANY of the slight disagreements some may have with it.

That being said I am so glad I was at the gym so and decided to continue reading the book Carnelian Sage wrote, The greatest manifestation principle in the world, because what unfolded after the first two chapters was absolutely perfect.

I really wish she would have removed the negative from the book and just spoke of the principle, however I do feel the rest of the book is completely worth getting through the first two chapters or even skipping them.

I 100% agree with the principle Carnelian speaks of in her book. She includes a very powerful exercise which seems too simple, to have any result at all. Yet I tried it, all the while with my ego screaming, "Why bother, nothing ever works for you." But I did the exercise anyways and I was grateful I did. The immediate impact this exercise is worth the entire book alone.

I highly recommend the book, just skip the first two chapters. I won't give away her secrets but for those who know me, I will give you a hint. It's what I tend to speak about as my truth or true self. :o) Carnelian just makes it so direct and simple.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Tiffany.

Your unbiased review was very much appreciated.No hype, just the facts.

I am struggling in life at the moment and I have a feeling this book could be the answer I need.

I wish you all the best



Anonymous said...

it was an awesome book. it changed me...

Anonymous said...

it changed my life...

Maria said...

Likewise, when I started reading it, I wanted to put it away - it was too metaphysical and completely secular for me - I never heard about the law of attraction, never saw the movie - could care less about those things, just knew what I believed and trusted God about things in my life ....but as I read on, it not only answered a lot of questions, but gave me the "how"....on living a productive life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffany

First of all Thanks to you!
You said you used the book in your life, but how?
I think personally that she makes the principles to easy for us and I think is difficult to chance your attitude of life with one method?
I know we dont have to be selfish about our wishes, but if you for example want someone back in your life you may give them so much love thoughts, but is that enough to get them back? I dont know! I think that Rhonda Byrnes books power and the magic gives a bit more methods to bring your wishes back to you, but if shes right i really dont know too. Do you have some advices?

Sorry for my english - I from Denmark and my english is not as good as it could be.

Love from Duddi

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